is a sonic artist based between London (UK) and New York City (USA). Alongside Only Child, he runs the event series and record label Club Night Club.

Gaining notoriety through early excursions on UK labels such as Well Street Records and Oscilla Sound. Since his 2018 debut for Darwin’s Spe:c imprint, his consistent stream of productions chart an evolving course, indicative of an artist carving their own niche. His debut album ‘Residuum’ was released in 2021 by Youth.

Alongside musical releases his output includes installation work, scoring for film and writings on sound.

System music for the body and soul.

significantutha(at) (Music)
roddyparkernyc(at) (Writing)

Club Aura
OS003: Oscilla sound

“Noirish dancefloor sophistication from Significant Other, coming off like Parris meets Alex Zhang Hungtai or a crankier Batu and Raime’s gaff on his debut for Oscilla Sound”

“Club Aura’ sets the dank tone with creepy, seeping electronics stalked by FM synth bass while lonely sax dances around its blue shuffle. ‘Mike’s Gone Back To Manchester’ then amps the energy levels to a murkier swagger a la Loefah’s 81 posse, and ‘Little Blue Pills’ balances that dank pressure with scudding trance licks on a properly writhing tip, leaving ‘drum Therapy’ too turn it out on a jungle-footwork tip recalling tracks off Raime’s ‘Planted’ EP”