is a sonic artist based between London (UK) and New York City (USA). Alongside Only Child, he runs the event series and record label Club Night Club.

Gaining notoriety through early excursions on UK labels such as Well Street Records and Oscilla Sound. Since his 2018 debut for Darwin’s Spe:c imprint, his consistent stream of productions chart an evolving course, indicative of an artist carving their own niche. His debut album ‘Residuum’ was released in 2021 by Youth.

Alongside musical releases his output includes installation work, scoring for film and writings on sound.

System music for the body and soul.

significantutha(at) (Music)
roddyparkernyc(at) (Writing)


Coiled hard drum pressure from NYC’s Significant Other, riding reticulated rhythms for Hank Jackson’s anno label.

“Putting some grungy NYC muscle in it, Significant Other follows shots on Spe:c and Oscilla Sound with some of his darkest gear here. ‘Every Night A Dtream Visits Us’ works a lather of sidewinding, sinuous arps and drums under Ghost In The Shell atmosfear, and the scaly ‘Gomek’ drags us down an alley to chew our bones and spit ‘em out in a sort of slompy cumbia dance. ‘Oblivion’ allows for some more brooding, beat-less introspection continuing his narrative style, and ’Second Skin’ crawls out on swingeing, snag-toothed tresillo rhythms lodged somewhere between DJ Python and Nick Klein. ”