is a sonic artist based between London (UK) and New York City (USA). Alongside Only Child, he runs the event series and record label Club Night Club.

Gaining notoriety through early excursions on UK labels such as Well Street Records and Oscilla Sound. Since his 2018 debut for Darwin’s Spe:c imprint, his consistent stream of productions chart an evolving course, indicative of an artist carving their own niche. His debut album ‘Residuum’ was released in 2021 by Youth.

Alongside musical releases his output includes installation work, scoring for film and writings on sound.

System music for the body and soul.

significantutha(at) (Music)
roddyparkernyc(at) (Writing)


YOUTH host Significant Other’s glum but resilient meditation on love and loss, a broodingly therapeutic debut album that straddles IDM and industrial Ambient signatures, reminding us of work from Bola to Jay Glass Dubs, Spectre to classic late night Rob Hall mixes.

“Sharing a different side of his sound to that heard on club-cut 12”s for Spe:c, Oscilla Sound and anno over the past few years, Significant Other here dwells on feelings that “emerged from moments of extreme passion and pain", patching new and archival material to work thru a mental fug of ambient noise laments and crankily dubbed out illbient lines of thought.

The pacing is stygian and the atmosphere near still, betraying a depth of suppressed emotion that he processes over the album’s eight tracks. ‘Demonology’ evokes a hash haze contemplation with its patina of Burial-esque vapours and incidental crackle, and ‘The Future Doesn’t Exist’ taps into a classic vein of screwed NYC downbeats a la Spectre, showing off a killer instinct for crushed hip hop drums also explored on the weighty swang of his ‘Love Beat.’

‘Residuum’ doesn't fall into outright doom, preferring to skirt the event horizon of a black hole and keep the chin bobbing up with the vulnerable yet hopeful tones of ‘Pendant’,  also in the Loren Connors-esque midnight peal of ‘Drifting In The Third Person’ and the elegiac closing sequence ‘Perpetual Care’, with its piano and string led coda”